The Tentacle Kid (bel_shamharoth) wrote,
The Tentacle Kid


Okay, so I know I hardly ever update this fool thing, for the eminently sensible reason that there's really not much to say most of the time. Today, however, I got my first acceptance letter to grad school. I'm a little surprised, because it's from the University of Wisconsin's sociology department, which I had figured would be something of a longshot because (a) if it's not ranked number one in the country right now, it was when my guidebook was printed, and (b) I thought my statement of purpose made it pretty clear I'd rather be doing cultural anthropology or history. Not that I'm complaining, of course. On the whole, it is one hell of a relief to know that I'll actually have something useful to do next fall. That still leaves six more schools, plus the Fulbright folks, who have "recommended" me, but won't make the final decision until as late as June.
That's all til I know more.
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