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Its that time again...

Yeah, that's right, freaky dream time. Here we go: It starts with me in a biology lab, being taught by the same guy who taught the one biology class that i gotl ess than an A in (A-), and for some reason, has huge blue windows, an extremely high ceiling, and seems to be in a spherical building. Anyhow, the prof passes out these little glass jars, about the size and shape of those ones caviar comes in, if that helps any. So I open it up, and its crammed full of these tiny preserved cats. I took one out and put it in a little tray, like we were instracted to do so, and after a while it started moving and mewwing again, at first just twitching, and then getting up an moving about. I remember we had some other critters to work with, maybe rats or fetal pigs, and then we went and did somethign somewhere else for a while, and when we came back i discovered that my lab partner had forgotten to take the initial temperature of the cat and so we had to do the whole thing over again. For some reason I wasn't so much irritated by this but scared, I guess I didn't want to awaken another cat.

So, yeah. freaky.

And did i mention the one about the giant time-travelling evil bunny rabbit. He saved my life.
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