The Tentacle Kid (bel_shamharoth) wrote,
The Tentacle Kid

Confessions of a Megalomaniac

We all make our world. The mind can make a heaven of hell, and a hell of heaven. But its more than that. Our actions shape the world around us. Admittedly, we can't control everything. That semi is probably gonna get you no matter how hard you think that you're tougher than it. Amor fatis. That's not the whole story, though. We can nevertheless carve out little niches in the world for ourselves, and in the end all we can really nope for to to live that little niche to the finest, drink that life to its lees.

I realized tonight that I'm not following my own advice. I blame Nietzsche. He told us that we ought to write new values on new tablets, and constantly reach out and shape the whole world to match our minds. Fellow creators the creator wants. Companions, not corpses, not herds bah blah blah. Somehow I got it into my head that we shouldn't just shape the world for ourselves, but I should try to shape the world for others, too(Needless to say, I may have overextended myself). Not that I intend to be totalitarian about things, but rather I really try to communicate my unique perspective to others. That's the unifying theme, y'know? I really want people to see the world as I do. That's the man behind the curtain, shaping all my interests. The political radicalism is an obvious connection. The art and writing, too- Just a way of passing on my ideas. The jokes, the sarcasm, the random info, too. A joke is just drawing a connection between two things that had previously seemed unconnected. In doing so, you stimulate more little centers in the brain thn the unconnected ideas did on their own. That's why you enjoy it. Same with art- forms that stimulate more bits in your tectum than a normal image would. Its like Mr. Ibis said. The tale is the map that is territory. The imaginative recreation is truer than truer.

Its all neurophysiology when you get down to it. Everything we do, just patterns of stimulation in the brain. Its good that we see that these days, maybe things will finally start to fall into place. All fields of human knowledge, reduced to one.

A Singularity.

Vernor Vinge might tell you that such a singularity, such an understanding of ourselve sis the key ingredient in creating a mind greater than our own. Wonder what happens to the obsolete model? Maybe with all our battles won, with benevolent children, we'll slip into decay and decadence, passing away with a whisper. Mythology would suggest that we'll try to hold on to authority which is no longer rightfully ours, and end up like the Titans, or the elder Mesopotamian gods. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. If you listen to Keats or Dan Simmons, maybe what will ultimately define our humanity is whether we go quietly into the night, or if we choose to fight that last unwinnable battle. Something to ponder.

I seem to be rambling

Nietzsche gave us two interesting little examples of nigh-ubermenschen, folks who really did write those new tablets. Gaius Julius Caesar and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In the final analysis I don't have the balls of Caesar or the heart of Goethe. But its worth a shot to fight that unwinnable battle, perhaps? In a way, we're all fighting an unwinnable battle. We all die. We all go into the night, whether peacefully and quietly (like my grandfather) or kicking and screaming (like his passengers). Our little struggles to carve out the world for ourselves, our desperate losing battle against time, the finest expression of our humanity.

Not that I'd have it any other way.

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