The Tentacle Kid (bel_shamharoth) wrote,
The Tentacle Kid

And away we go

My suitcases and I have lingered long enough in this blessed / accursed (as if there were any real difference between the two) refuge, the Grove of the Furies. Since however I have no king of Athens to witness my departure, my looks like I'll have to do it myself. Aren't you glad I'll be leaving all my books behind? Did I have any last words? Yeah, as follows: "Kristina, send me an email. I forgot what your address is. Well, I remember what it is, but I always forget which vowels are missing in it." I know, I really should've come up with something better. On the subject of missing vowels, though, here's perhaps a better set, my first Czech insult: strc prst skrz krk. I really wish I had made that one up myself. Maybe they should borrow some vowels from the Hungarians, who frankly have more than any language really needs. But I digress. Sufficed to say, you kids have fun with Dubya and Ahnold, hope the country's still where I left it when I get back.
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