The Tentacle Kid (bel_shamharoth) wrote,
The Tentacle Kid

I think this may be a cry for help

A Cautionary Fable:

JHabinek: so, many years ago
WebOfThorns: do go on...
JHabinek: the dark lord sauron crafted great and powerful servers
JHabinek: three he gave to the hackers, oldest and wisest of the cybernauts
WebOfThorns: nice!
JHabinek: seven he gave to the corporate kings, who dug deep moral caverns in their quest for riches
JHabinek: and nine he gave to the everquest players, who desire nothing more than virtual power
JHabinek: of course he tricked all you bitches
WebOfThorns: !
JHabinek: for in the depths of his basement, he crafted the One Server, and he datalinked it to the other servers
WebOfThorns: That bastard
JHabinek: *resists the temptation to turn this into a parable about the information awareness office*
JHabinek: and it enslaved them, and bound them to its will
WebOfThorns: hahaha
WebOfThorns: you making this up?
JHabinek: yeah
WebOfThorns: nice! go on.
JHabinek: the EQ players feel its power at all times
JHabinek: they are slaves to its will, neither living nor dead
WebOfThorns: !
WebOfThorns: /rude
WebOfThorns: go on
JHabinek: lol
JHabinek: Hrmmm
WebOfThorns: It speaks of It! The precioussss! Where is it??
WebOfThorns: *drools*
JHabinek: No dude, let it go, man! Its pure muthafuckin' evil
WebOfThorns: He's tricksy, he is! We shouldn't listen to him. He wants the precious for himself!
WebOfThorns: hahah
JHabinek: Fight it, man!
JHabinek: oh well, i'm over it
WebOfThorns: lol
WebOfThorns: You can't have it!
WebOfThorns: It's mine!
WebOfThorns: My precious!
JHabinek: i wish i could tell you the story of how a coalition of tabletop gamers and hot chicks finally defeated the menace of sauron's virtual world
JHabinek: but it didn't happen
WebOfThorns: rofl
WebOfThorns: you should write something up
JHabinek: Dude, do you take me for a cheap conjuror of tricks?
JHabinek: I'm not trying to rob you
JHabinek: I'm trying to help you
WebOfThorns: Yes... yes
JHabinek: yeah, i may have to copy this into the LJ
JHabinek: so, sup?
WebOfThorns: playing EQ

I think my quick thinking ought to be put to better uses. Let me also note, for his protection, that many of ol' Thornsie's Gollumisms were inserted by me, as I fashion myself his other evil personality (not, admittedly, his other, evil, personality).
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