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I hate vacations. There aren't many things that I require, but amongst them are the following-
1) a rock-solid routine
2) challenges
3) long walks
I don't get the first two over vacations because, well, its a vacation, and I can't do the last because back in LA I live in the fucking ghetto. Its very irritating. There aren't even classes I could audit, like over summer.
Actually, while the above *is* true, I'm just bitter for other reasons. I just got my grades for winter quarter. An A+ and three A-'s. I know this is gonna sound ridiculous to just about everyone else, but that's way below my personal standards. I've gotten straight A's for a year now, and then this... I knew I was going to get at least one, but three? Ugh. I guess it was a tough quarter for me all around, but... well, it wasn't. I have the easiest life on the face of the planet, and I can't even get one thing right.
That's not what really bothers me, though. I mean, it *was* kind of a crappy quarter all over, and that's okay. There are reasons I was so sub-par this quarter. Only I don't know how to fix those any of problems, and if I can't fix 'em, I can't do better next quarter, and *that* really worries me.
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