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Odds and Ends

Well, I was originally just gonna post some more dreams of mine, but then shit, as it is often wont to do, went down. So Bridgett got herself a boyfriend over the summer. Definitely woulda been nice to know, you know, earlier. She didn't even bother to tell me- a friend of hers broke it to me. Whatever. I guess I'm a bit crushed. On reflection, mostly I'm scared, though. Is this the shape of my whole future? It certainly has already become a recurrent theme. It occurs to me that all my heroes were sad, broken men who lived miserable, lonely lives. Goddammit.

Oh well, so on to the dreams: Last night, I dreamed I was sitting in my living room in L.A., arranged as it was way back when I was a kid, with Scott, Jennifer and some girl. I don't know who the girl was, but I was sure we'd been going out, but had broken up, yet were still, uh, friendly (I remember making out with her at some point). We were trying to decide on -and this is where it becomes a Jacob dream- what variety of genetically engineered domesticated carnivorous guard deer we were gonna purchase. Or we may have just been debating the relative qualities of those on the market. I just remember I was complaining about how the various manufactures had ceased to come up with new ideas, but had been so busy at copying each other's successes for so long that they each produced virtually the same three varieties of deer- one that looked a bit like a kangaroo (and was from my high school sketchbook), on with kind of a funny snout, and one I can't remember. I also remember that one of the nastier old varieties had been unfortunately released into the wild, but fortunately was currently completely contained riparian zones in Columbia.

The night before that wasn't quite so creative. Mostly it involved hanging out with two former crushes of mine- both beginning, oddly enough, with S, then visiting a series of bizarre apartment complexes: one huge and complex, the other consisting of dozens of tiny buildings, each the size of and containing exactly one residence hall room (with a bunk bed and desks). Eventually I've got to take one of the S's somewhere- it turns out to be the airport. On the way we go past the harbor, and rising from the usual warships are thousands of helicopters, some of which are, strangely, completely translucent, like the Visible Man, if you guys have ever seen those. Anyhow, we get to the airport, she leaves, and I take an escalator up to a concrete rooftop, under a clear blue sky. There's a plastic picnic table up there, and someone from my genetics class last srping is sitting there. I pay my regards and walk by, out to where the roof becomes a concrete bridge stretching out over a canyon, but as a I begin to cross the bridge, I'm suddenly filled with anxiety and start running back where I came from. As a look over my shoulder, I see a grey attack helicopter rising up from the canyon. I here several cracks and realize its shooting at me. Two more cracks, then a thud and I can't see out of my left eye, and two more thumps to the chest and I can't run anymore. Staring out with my one good eye, I lie on the concrete, wondering all those big questions about life for what I know is the last time, and in my head I start pleading to any gods out there to have pity upon me as the blackness begins to engulf me. And yeah, then I wake up.

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